I Beam Table


An I beam was inserted into the structure in order to remove a column. Removing the column improved site lines from the seating area to the stage.

The beam is 39" deep and weighs over 350 pounds per foot, the coffee table weighs approximately 1200 pounds.


A remnant (cut off) from the beam was rescued and repurposed as a coffee table. Industrial casters were welded to the beam and make it possible to move the 1200 pound coffee table around the outdoor dining area.




Roadside Culture Stand 2014.

PKPD won a competition for the design of a 'Roadside Culture Stand'. The stand has been featured at festivals and events through out the region in support of the culture of agriculture and farming.

The producer of jams, vinegars, relishes, pickles, and other local products has successfully launched her business using the PKPD designed 'Home Grown' Roadside Culture Stand.