River Hills, Wisconsin

The joyful festival of Sukkoth commemorates the Exodus and the harvest. The Sukkah and the outdoor space were conceived to celebrate the holiday and reinforce the tradition for the community. The Sukkah design reflects the union of opposites; which is representative of the primary Jewish icon, the Star of David. The terrestrial and the celestial, the solid and the void, are united in the sacred space of the Sukkah. The solid base and open lattice reflect this union and the movement between these seemingly disparate worlds. The gradient of the lattice spacing draws the eye and spirit upward from the terrestrial to the celestial realms.

The tent fabric for the doors is welcoming and accessible from all directions and connects directly to the building so that it is accessible and welcoming to all congregants and references important liturgy and tradition related to tent openings and hospitality. The tent opening connects to the outdoor space and walking paths and strengthens the connection of community to the outdoors and the landscape.