PKPD has a long track record, tradition, and passion with adaptive reuse and sustainability. ‘The Highline at Capitol Crossing’ is the type of project that demonstrates our commitment to cultural and environmental sustainability and building community. We are honored to have worked with the city, property owners, residents, stakeholders, Business Improvement District, and others to generate a vision for ‘The Highline at Capitol Crossing’.

‘The Highline at Capitol Crossing’ was conceived to reuse and repurpose the existing abandoned railway and overpass to create and urban park and path for the city’s use and enjoyment. The design for ‘The Highline at Capitol Crossing’ incorporates materials and artifacts that are a part of local and railway culture. Sustainability, adaptive reuse, and the repurposing of materials are fundamental in the design.

Raised planting beds are carefully considered to maximize storm water harvesting and runoff. It is intended that the collaboration with local urban agriculturist will continue and raised planting beds will be used to cultivate fruit and vegetables as part of a community garden that will be located along the path.

Artwork is a key component of the concept for the Highline, artwork and signage elements will create a ‘gateway’ condition for the Riverworks district. This neighborhood identity is already in place with median artwork, banners, and landscape elements that have been sponsored by the Riverworks Business District. There are large wall murals and median artwork that have been part of the art lineage of the neighborhood that will be highlighted and incorporated into the lighting design.

‘The Highline at Capitol Crossing’ will be an urban park that links together varied neighborhood uses and knits together the fabric of the urban environment in this complex and bustling intersection that has evolved into a unique mix of uses. ‘The Highline at Capitol Crossing’ will mediate between the residential, commercial, and institutional neighborhood uses and create recreation and access for all.

This will be a place that enriches lives; through the creation of outdoor spaces, artwork, and the creation of pedestrian and bicycle paths. ‘The Highline at Capitol Crossing’ will promote a healthy lifestyle, safe pedestrian environment, and will build a sense of community.